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01The Tour

The salt industry has been closely linked to both the founding of Leintz Gatzaga and to its economic development throughout the years. Proof of this are the two "dorlas", copper boilers used to obtain salt, that can be found on the town's coat of arms.

The salt museum is located in the production facilities that were used for centuries, 250 metres from the town centre and on the road to Dorleta Sanctuary.

It is now possible to learn of the history of salt producers in the same place where it was produced, thanks to the conservation and reconstruction of some of the most significant elements found in the salt museum.

02Opening Hours

Easter, April 18-22 OPENED.

Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays the visit will be in Basque at 12.00 am;  and in Spanish at 1.00 pm

For any other appointments or visiting days you are kindly request to book if you are a group of 10 or more people.

Booking phone 943 71 47 92 or email



Adults: 5€

Schoolchildren: 5€ (+8 y.o.)  

Groups of  10 or more people: 4 €/person

International Museum Day. May 18th




 To book a visit to see our Salt Museum

please call

943 714 792

or send us an e-mail to: